Vote for O’Toole! Most qualified. Most experienced.

Lisa 2014Lisa has enjoyed meeting so many people in our community throughout this election season. She is honored and humbled by the amazing support she’s received.

Lisa O’Toole is the clear choice for Judge in this election. Lisa has been rated “Exceptionally Well Qualified” and her experience is unmatched in this race. The length and breadth of her experience make her the most qualified candidate for this position. Lisa has practiced law in our community for 27 years. She has been a Pro Tem Judge in District Court for the past 6 years and has handled every type of case heard in District Court. Lisa has extensive experience as a King County Prosecuting Attorney and also had a civil litigation practice in a private firm for many years. She is the only candidate in this race with both criminal and civil experience. Lisa’s civil experience is essential in District Court where citizens bring their civil cases up to $75,000. Lisa’s criminal experience ensures fairness and public safety. It is for all of these reasons that retiring Judge Linda Jacke has endorsed Lisa to succeed her. Our community deserves to be served by the most qualified candidate with the broadest experience: Lisa O’Toole.

Judges at every level, Law Enforcement throughout our community, elected officials throughout the County, and community and labor organizations agree that Lisa O’Toole is the best qualified candidate. Lisa has broad bi-partisan support and is endorsed by Democrats and Republicans alike. Please visit the Endorsements section for a complete list of her many endorsements.

Please vote for Lisa O’Toole! Remember to return your ballots by November 4th!